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So, I have this project for school in which I have to write code in SciLab to solve a puzzle (Tents). The code is getting longer and longer as it gets better and better, but I suddenly got an error stating "stack size exceeded".

Error log:
!--error 17 
stack size exceeded!
Use stacksize function to increase it.
Memory used for variables: 28875
Intermediate memory needed: 59987764
Total memory available: 10000000

I tried using this line


And this one


Neither of which works, all that happens is SciLab shutting itself down without any warning at all.

How did I exceed my stacksize? Is there a way to prevent this? How can I continue further?

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Which platform do you use (win/linux 32/64)? What size of RAM do you have? The command stacksize('max') shuts SciLab instantly, or the calculation done after the command? –  Peter Apr 3 at 7:50
I use win 64 with 8GB of RAM. Scilab shuts down instantly when I run the program. Sorry for the late respond btw, hope you'll still notice this :) –  Krikke93 Apr 9 at 11:55
Does stacksize('max') command in clean file coredumps Scilab? –  Peter Apr 9 at 12:07
First, I like the "The code is getting longer and longer as it gets better and better" quote. That aside, could you provide your code? Is there any recursion in there, or a big amount of for-loops? Probably you'll have to refactor your code, to calculate everything step-by-step and not all in one go. But this will be easier to see if you give the code or a description of the problem/your solution. –  user1149326 Apr 9 at 13:28

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I figured out myself how to solve this problem. Here's what I did wrong for people with the same problem:

Within a function I used the line

[m,n] = [x,y]

to save the coordinates of an object from a matrix. This was called within a loop using x and y to browse through the matrix.

Apparently this caused the stacksize exceeded error and here's how I wrote it afterwards:

m = x
n = y

I have no idea why this line caused this error, but this is how I've solved it.

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