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I am searching for an example that implement FKNN, I found this function


function [predicted,memberships, numhits] = fknn(data, labels, test, ...
        testlabels, k_values, info, fuzzy)

But I cant call that function.. any example will be more than appreciated.

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I am searching for that code but I can't find – Hassan Magdy Apr 1 '14 at 18:44
% [Y,MEMS,HITS] = FKNN(DATA, LABELS, TEST, TESTLABELS, K, INFO, FUZZY) If % you don't want to do "fuzzy" k-nn, then give FUZZY as 'false'. % % This m-file is capable of testing several k-values simultaneously. If % you pass a vector of k-values, rather than a single scalar, in K, then % each output variable is populated accordingly. So, if you give K as % [5 10 15], then Y becomes M-by-3, MEMS M-by-C-by-3 and HITS 3-by-1. – Ali_Iraqy Apr 1 '14 at 18:59

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