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Im trying to send SIP register request using JAIN SIP API. I've implemented javax.sip.SipListener in the class and my program successfully sends the request and even i get a 401 unauthorized response from the sip server. I have verified this using wireshark. But processResponse() is not getting called. I used a System.out.Println("response received") inside processResponse() to verify that whether its getting called and its not. Can anyone help me out why this is happening. I've burned my head a lot and not able to figure out. I've pasted my code below.

public class CoreEngine implements javax.sip.SipListener{

//public localip=Inet4Address.getLocalHost().getHostAddress();
SipFactory sipFactory = null;
SipStack sipStack = null;
Properties properties;
HeaderFactory headerFactory;
AddressFactory addressFactory;
MessageFactory messageFactory; 
SipProvider sipProvider ;
ListeningPoint lp;
ContactHeader contactHeader;
ClientTransaction inviteTid;

public void init() throws Exception {

    sipFactory = SipFactory.getInstance();
     properties = new Properties();
    properties.setProperty("javax.sip.STACK_NAME", "Sip_Test");
    // Create SipStack object
    sipStack = sipFactory.createSipStack(properties);
     headerFactory = sipFactory.createHeaderFactory();
     addressFactory = sipFactory.createAddressFactory();
    messageFactory = sipFactory.createMessageFactory();
    lp = sipStack.createListeningPoint("",
              5060, ListeningPoint.UDP);
    sipProvider = sipStack.createSipProvider(lp);


public void register() throws Exception {
    String fromName = "223344";
    String fromSipAddress = "";

    String toSipAddress = "";
    String toUser = "223344";
    SipURI fromAddress = addressFactory.createSipURI(fromName,
    System.out.println("sipuri fromaddress"+fromAddress);

    Address fromNameAddress = addressFactory.createAddress(fromAddress);
    FromHeader fromHeader = headerFactory.createFromHeader(
              fromNameAddress, null);
    SipURI toAddress = addressFactory
              .createSipURI(toUser, toSipAddress);
    Address toNameAddress = addressFactory.createAddress(toAddress);
    ToHeader toHeader = headerFactory.createToHeader(toNameAddress,

    URI requestURI = addressFactory.createURI(
              "sip:" + "");
    List<ViaHeader> viaHeaders = new ArrayList<ViaHeader>();
    String ipAddress = lp.getIPAddress();
    ViaHeader viaHeader = headerFactory.createViaHeader(ipAddress,
              lp.getTransport(), null);


    CallIdHeader callIdHeader = sipProvider.getNewCallId();

    CSeqHeader cSeqHeader = headerFactory.createCSeqHeader(1L,

    MaxForwardsHeader maxForwards = headerFactory

    Request request = messageFactory.createRequest(requestURI,
              Request.REGISTER, callIdHeader, cSeqHeader, fromHeader,
              toHeader, viaHeaders, maxForwards);

    SipURI contactURI = addressFactory.createSipURI(fromName, "");
    Address contactAddress = addressFactory.createAddress(contactURI);

    contactHeader = headerFactory.createContactHeader(contactAddress);

    Header extensionHeader = headerFactory.createHeader("Expires",
    System.out.println("request is"+ request);
    inviteTid = sipProvider.getNewClientTransaction(request);


public void processRequest(RequestEvent requestEvent) {


public void processResponse(ResponseEvent responseEvent) {
    System.out.println("Response received");
    System.out.println("response event"+ responseEvent.getResponse().getStatusCode());

public void processTimeout(TimeoutEvent timeoutEvent) {


public void processIOException(IOExceptionEvent exceptionEvent) {


public void processTransactionTerminated(TransactionTerminatedEvent transactionTerminatedEvent) {


public void processDialogTerminated(DialogTerminatedEvent dialogTerminatedEvent) {



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Do you have addSipListener() somewhere like this?


That's what makes the callbacks work. In you case the listener is the CoreEngine instance since it implements the callback interface.

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