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I'm just wondering if I'm doing


Will Capybara know to wait until the page has content 'foo' or it's just going to continue on to click "Done" regardless of the return value for page.has_content?('foo')???

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Based on the code, I believe that has_content? should wait. If I recall correctly, that is what the synchronize part is for.

def has_text?(*args)
  query = Capybara::Query.new(*args)
  synchronize(query.wait) do
    raise ExpectationNotMet unless text_found?(*args)
  return true
rescue Capybara::ExpectationNotMet
  return false
alias_method :has_content?, :has_text?
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the code looks like it should be doing that but when I created a scenario in which the page did not have content at all, it failed in the end but it did pass that step page.has_content?. I checked using debugger and page.has_content? returned false but it still managed to pass that step. –  user2393426 Apr 2 '14 at 15:38

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