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I'm working on a little App, where I load a tilemap ( JSTilemap ) into sprite kit.

This all works fine except that the tile map looks normal and fine in portrait but when I flip to landscape it seems to blow up. I have not added any code just imported JSTilemap header and this code initwithsize.

self.map = [JSTileMap mapNamed:@"tilemap.tmx"];
[self addChild:self.map];

I have also downloaded a simple project with a tile map and when I rotate the size stays the same, only that if i try to mimic the code my tilemap still seems to blow up when I rotate it.

Is there some setting to restrict this that I am missing?

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I assume by "blow up" you mean stretch and/or zoom inappropriately? Try changing your scaleMode on your SKScene to be SKSceneScaleModeAspectFill.

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