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   <option value="">Select</option>
   <option value="10000">Minimum Coverage</option>
   <option value="25000">Average Coverage</option>
   <option value="">Other</option>

I have to have both the "Select" and "Other" have empty values because the validation rules on the field do not allow for anything other than an empty string or a numeric value.

Bottom line, is I need to be able to detect when the user is on "Select" and clicks "Other". Is it possible?

EDIT: onChange does not seem to fire.

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Can you make a demo showing onChange not firing? –  tymeJV Apr 1 at 20:13
Give one of them a value of -1 (or another value that would be out of bounds of your selection) and check for that in your onchange –  rgthree Apr 1 at 20:16

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You can check the selectedIndex property. If you want something to happend each time the item changes, use the onchange event binding.

document.getElementsByTagName('select')[0].onchange = function() {
  var index = this.selectedIndex;
  var inputText = this.children[index].innerHTML.trim();


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The change event most certainly fires, even if the changed option has the same value:


In the change event handler, you can examine the this.selectedIndex property to determine which <option> is selected. You can then examine the text property of the selected option, if that's helpful:

coverageSelector.onchange = function (e) {
    var selectedOption = this[this.selectedIndex];
    var selectedText = selectedOption.text;
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