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I'm having an issue where I've got a Cordova app that opens an InAppBrowser and it's crashing on iPhone 5s only. I can get it to work on iPhone 4s and the simulator fine. On the iPhone 5s I'm getting the following error:

<Warning>: Application 'UIKitApplication:[appName][0x1412]' exited abnormally with signal 11: Segmentation fault: 11

I have attempted removing the build and rebuilding completely to no avail. I am using Cordova 3.4 and Xcode 5.1. Thank you for any ideas or help that you can offer.

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I was able to resolve this issue by using an older version of Xcode, I downloaded and installed Xcode 5.0.1. You can get it on the http://developer.apple.com site under downloads.

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