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As the title says, I wanted to know about the sharing interface that you see in Safari or Photos. Is it custom?

If it is built-in instead, what is it officially called so I can look up the Apple documentation on it.

For reference, this is what I am referring to (in this case from Safari): Image of Color bars showing the sharing interface at the bottom

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Sounds like you need to get well acquainted with UIActivityViewController and what you can do with it.

There's also a sample project and NSChat transcript that you can find on my github.

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That is exactly what I was looking for. I knew it was probably built in somehow, but I just didn't know what they called it. Thanks! –  NickH Apr 1 at 20:56
I believe I heard it referred to informally as "the share sheet" during a WWDC session by an Apple engineer. –  mharper Apr 1 at 21:11
That makes me feel a bit better about calling it the Sharing Interface. I have not seen that WWDC session though, so methinks I'll look that up too. –  NickH Apr 1 at 21:18

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