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I am trying to POST using Rest-Client gem in Ruby, and I keep getting a return from the web service as Error 414 Unsupported Media Type, because I am setting the payload argument as ''


RestClient.post 'https://username:password@remotesystem/api/v1/applications/44204093/publishUpdates','' ,:accept =>  'json'

The issue is that the web service does not want or need a payload for this resource, but the RestClient feels the need to have one specified.

Anyone know how to do a post with rest client and not have to specify a payload argument?


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For post I believe the method is url, payload, header

url = 'https://username:password@remotesystem/api/v1/applications/44204093/publishUpdates'
header = {'Accept' => 'application/json'}
RestClient.post url, {}, header

This is off the top of my head, but this tripped me up as well.

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Sorry but that still returns a 415 Unsupported Media Type If I run the same call using CURL it works fine. Here is a CURL example; [code]curl --request POST username:password@remotesystem/api/v1/applications/44728380/… -v[/code] –  user3486868 Apr 2 '14 at 11:58

Gem is rest-client 1.8.0, most current stable one. I am also getting this error RestClient::UnsupportedMediaType: 415 Unsupported Media Type from /Users/Ben/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.1.5@caredox/gems/rest-client-1.8.0/lib/restclient/abstract_response.rb:74:in `return!'

For calling post and response is a JSON

                      :arg1 => var1
                    {:Authorization => "Bearer blahblah",
                     :content_type => :json,
                     :accept => :json
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