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I have 2 databases with different structures.

I need to copy information from database A to database B.

Database A has 1 table while database B has 2 related ones.

It is a Q&A site so the old database (A) has a table that contains both the question and the answer.

In the new database these are separate and the answer must contain a field with the id of the question.

Please help me make a SQL request.

Something like

"INSERT INTO table1 (field1,field3,field9) SELECT table2.field3,table2.field1,table2.field4 FROM table2"

One more thing .. some values in the new database are known (will be hardtyped .. not taken from the old database)

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you need to specify database in statement...

insert into database1.table1
select from database2.table2
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I understand but how do I combine SELECT with VALUES and how do I use the LAST_INSERT_ID() for the answer link to question ID –  xupypr Apr 1 at 21:33
You don't need VALUES() for "insert into select"... Just add WHERE in SELECT ... FROM –  onedevteam.com Apr 1 at 21:36
but some values are taken from the old database and others are hardtyped... how do I do that? –  xupypr Apr 1 at 21:38
that depends on programming lang You use.... just replace field you need with lng specific parameter... for example, INSERT INTO tbl (fld1, fld2, fld3) SELECT tbl1.fld1, $xxx, fld3 FROM tbl2 and then in code add $xxx = 'some value'... again, that's language specific... –  onedevteam.com Apr 1 at 21:40
I think it can be done in plain SQL statements like: INSERT INTO tbl (auto,text) VALUES(NULL,'text'); INSERT INTO tbl2 (id,text) VALUES(LAST_INSERT_ID(),'text');. But I don't know the details. If I don't succeed I'll do it using PHP –  xupypr Apr 1 at 21:42

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