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Is there a way in WPF to specify a width/height as a resource, so that it can be reused in several styles for e.g. margin/padding?

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    <sys:Double x:Key="Height">200</sys:Double>
    <sys:Double x:Key="Width">200</sys:Double>
      Height="{StaticResource Height}" 
      Width="{StaticResource Width}" 
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Yes it is and you use it as other Resources and fetch then using StaticResource see some examples here.

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Sorry Filip, I'm not seeing where a width/height is set and used as a resource in that example? –  devdigital Feb 17 '10 at 11:22
There are examples on how you use it in other contexts, try them, read between the lines and explore. –  Filip Ekberg Feb 17 '10 at 12:08

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