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I'm looking at creating a childrens book for Android tablets. This isn't really an "e-book" since it should be very graphical, characters move around the pages, touching objects onscreen make noise, etc.

Flash would have been perfect...but I know that's the wrong tech nowdays.

What is the most suitable software for this? I can program c/c++/flash/html/javascript and a few more. But I'm wondering if:

  1. There's a prebuilt toolset for this type of project.
  2. The toolset is crossplatform: Android+IOS (this is a nice to have)

I realize I COULD do this in java...but my gut says that's not the best way

Update: I've looked at ebooks and that's not quite what I want. I'm looking for more of an animation tool set, that lets me animate a story one background at a time.

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Hi, Michelle I'm looking for the same and I wanna Know if you have found more information about this issue. Thanks a lot. –  emaleavil Apr 7 '14 at 23:31

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If you want to create children book , then go for developing Epub3(E-Book) as it would run on ipad/iphone's iBooks App , you can have animations,interactions,voice whatever you want from javascript. You can start of with the following link:


Hope this helps.

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The link author says "Remember, most of this information is for iBooks-only ePUBs; they won’t work anywhere else at the moment." - does that mean apple only? –  Generation D Systems Apr 2 '14 at 0:31
Yes it says most of the information is ibooks specific only but you can read this book in android through different readers like kindle etc. I just tried you to think in this direction, now its up to you what you decides :) . Cheers! –  Shoaib Raza Apr 2 '14 at 8:01

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