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I am trying to find a form inside of a div on a webpage using JQuery. I have the following:

alert($('#prodForm').length == 0);
alert('made it past');

When the script executes, I see the 'in' printed out, but I never see the 'made it past' get printed, leading me to believe there is a problem with my 2nd line, where I am trying to determine if the form exists. The form has an id of prodForm.

Am I missing something syntactically?

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did you have a look at your console? Press F12 in Chrome –  scrowler Apr 1 at 22:49
size() not length –  Phaedra Apr 1 at 22:49
length works, the value is an array. –  Jeremy J Starcher Apr 1 at 22:51
The code is right. You don't receive errors? Using chrome, it may be blocking alerts for anti-spam purposes. Check for errors in your console. –  Colandus Apr 1 at 22:53
maybe not using last jquery version? –  Phaedra Apr 1 at 22:53

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alert($('div').has('#prodForm').length != 0); // the form exists
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This will result in the number of div elements that have a descendant with the id prodForm. –  Peter Herdenborg Apr 1 at 23:05
so you can use length as a flag of existence, right? –  javakorr Apr 1 at 23:07
Yeah, if > 0 your code proves that there is a #prodForm on the page, I just don't think your approach adds any value compared to OP's already correct code, plus the results of your snippet is a bit harder to interpret. –  Peter Herdenborg Apr 1 at 23:09
Yeap, you're right, my fault. Should change to: alert($('div').has('#prodForm').length != 0); // the form exists –  javakorr Apr 1 at 23:13
alert('made it past');

// $("html").length === 1 =>`true`
// $("html").length === 0 =>`false`
// $("html").is("*") =>`true`
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Apparently JQuery wasn't loaded, I am building a chrome plugin, and I had to list jquery BEFORE my javascript file

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alert($('#prodForm').size() == 0);
alert('made it past');
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size() is depreciated in favor of length: api.jquery.com/size –  Jeremy J Starcher Apr 1 at 22:52
.length works just –  Josh Apr 1 at 22:53

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