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I'm practising BDD. I've got an entity called Foobar that contains a transformable attribute called quux, which I've specified (using the Core Data model editor) to be a QuuxToBazTransformer. The point is, QuuxToBazTransformer doesn't exist. Core Data should fail my test and tell me I need to implement it.

Surprisingly, the test passed: my Foobar appears to have been stored and Core Data only tells me as a warning:

xctest[99290:303] CoreData: warning: no NSValueTransformer with class name
'QuuxToBazTransformer' was found for attribute 'quux' on entity 'Foobar'

How can I capture this warning and make it my test failure?

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I don't know that you can capture that warning. You can test the existence of the value transformer, though, by doing something like

  1. Get a list of all entities from your model, using the entitiesByName method.
  2. Find the NSEntityDescription for this entity in the dictionary returned in the previous step.
  3. Get all of the attributes on the entity description, using attributesByName.
  4. Get the name of the value transformer class on the attribute that uses it, using valueTransformerName on NSAttributeDescription.
  5. Use NSClassFromString to verify the existence of the value transformer class.

If the value transformer class exists, you'll get a non-nil result in step 5.

You could also implement this as a more general check that looks for all value transformers to validate all of them. To do that, just iterate through every entity returned by entitiesByName and then through every attribute returned by attributesByName (instead of looking up a known entity and attribute by name). Any time you find a value transformer, check that the class exists (and, I guess, that it subclasses NSValueTransformer) to decide if the test should pass.

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