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Platform Windows. IDE PyCharm CE.

I have a script that uses module ArcPy from ESRI. This module has its own Python 2.6. I have to import a module that uses dictionary comprehensions not supported by Python 2.6.

How do I work around this without rewriting the code to avoiding list comprehensions?

Other questions:

  • What should be the correct pattern for project creation and interpreter maintenance? Should I always use virtual dedicated envs for each project importing any needed modules and keep isolation for each?

  • Is it correct to import the extra needed packages for my projects to the ArcPy python installation Python 2.6.5 (C:/Python26/ArcGIS10.0/python.exe)? Can this cause problems later to arc map?

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You can upgrade your ArcGis Python 2.6 release to 2.7. If you need Python 3, it won't work, because arcpy works only in Python 2.

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Nope its seems not possible to use 2.7 as far as can understand from some ESRI staff post below.forums.arcgis.com/threads/… –  Jorge Vidinha Apr 2 at 9:25
@JorgeVidinha It IS definitely possible to run python 2.7 with arcpy. I have it running myself with python 2.7.5. The post you linked is 4 years old, stuff have happened since then. Last time i checked arcgis ships with python 2.7.x –  M4rtini Apr 4 at 14:47

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