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Hi I´m developing for Xcode 5 , when I test the app on the iphone it does´t show me the same things as in my storyboard . The storyboard icon is always on black and even when i duplicate the storyboard the duplicate can´t be saved.

I cleaned the project, i deleted from the project and then added it again and nothing.

I has to do with the .plist or another files.

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The plist will tell you the name of your main storyboard. Make sure that it matches the real name of the storyboard file. - But don't worry about the darkened icon in the Xcode interface. It always does that. –  matt Apr 2 '14 at 1:04
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If you are using a real iOS device to test your app make sure you have the right screen size set in your storyboard for your app.

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