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Currently working on Selenium WebDriver and using Java for scripting.

I have stored all drop down values of db in property file and want to compare same values whether they are in UI as in DropDown options.

For example, i have a drop down called Project,Product and it contains many options in the drop down 400+ projects. And if any new Projects is included it will added in the drop down as well.

In this case how can i verify the options is matching in UI.

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I am assuming you can figure out how to retrieve the reference values from within the property file into your Java code. Some pointers, if your property file is in key=value format: Property.load and Property.getProperty().

Once you have loaded your properties:

  • Look at the source of the page. (Use something like the "inspect element" option in Chrome) Typically the drop-down values will be <li>s under a <ul>.
  • Use the X-Path Helper Plugin in Chrome to get the Xpath for the li elements.
  • Let's say the Xpath is //*[@id='some-id']/some-paths/ul/li
  • Get the subelements list as List<WebElement> x = driver.findElements(By.xpath(//*[@id='some-id']/some-paths/ul/li));
  • Now loop through the list using for (WebElement x1 : x) { //do something with x1 }.
  • Use something like x1.getText() or x1.GetInnerHTML() (depends on your page source) to get the text for the dropdown menu.
  • Do basic String matching against your reference values.

This is just a basic guideline. You can modify and optimize this to no end.

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Could you provide some sample code for the scenario –  User11111 Apr 2 at 5:58
I believe that given the contents of the above reply, you can figure out the rest yourself. What have you tried so far, and where are you stuck? –  Vish Apr 2 at 6:19
I see that you have posted another question which is similar to this one. If you think my answer above was sufficient, please mark it as an answer so that this question can be closed. –  Vish Apr 2 at 6:34
Both are different questions. In this question i asked about the verification of the drop down list. In that question i have asked about selecting one option. –  User11111 Apr 2 at 6:41

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