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I have to build one MXP package for Flash (not Flex). But i have multiple components, somthing like HelpSymbolMovieClips(have its on class), one image holder. etc. I need to combine there swc file into a single MXP file. Is it possible?


How can i make a all these multi movieClip functionality in a single SWC file. Am bit confused about the structure of the component which is having multiple functions/MoiveClips. like (Image gallery components.

I have a little knowledge about how to create a swc. and i created one component from the help of a tutorial so please help me.

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It appears you can use the Flex SDK that ships with Flash CS4 to assets within your Flash application and then export as a swc file. Something like:


You should be able to use your swf movie clips instead of an image.

For example:

In Flash CS4, select File > New and select “Flash File (ActionScript 3.0)”. Save the .FLA document to your hard drive and paste a .PNG file named bullet_star.png in the same directory as the .FLA file. Paste the following code into the Actions panel:

// ActionScript 3.0
 *  Note: This example assumes the bullet_star.png file
 *  is in the same directory as your .FLA file.

const BulletStar:Class;

var starIcon:DisplayObject = new BulletStar();
starIcon.x = 10;
starIcon.y = 10;

This will prompt you that you are using a feature that requires the Flex SDK.

To learn how to do this see:

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