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I set up a load balancer in a Availability Zone and added some EC2 instances in the same zone. The health check works fine. Now I tried to access the load balancer using its host name from outside. Even though I can access individual hosts behind the load balancer without any issue, I got a connection time-out error if I tried to connect to the load balancer:

$ wget -O test "http://xxxx.us-west-1.elb.amazonaws.com:8080/" 
--2014-04-01 21:26:59--  http://xxxx.us-west-1.elb.amazonaws.com:8080/
Resolving xxxx.us-west-1.elb.amazonaws.com...
Connecting to xxxx.us-west-1.elb.amazonaws.com||:8080... failed: Connection timed out.

Listener configuration is like this (I don't know how to format this better):

Load Balancer Protocol | Load Balancer Port | Instance Protocol | Instance Port | Cipher | SSL Certificate
HTTP                     8080                 HTTP                8080            N/A      N/A

Any insight/comment would be appreciated.

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You don't have a listener set up on port 8080 for the load balancer? What does the Listeners tab say on the EC2 ELB control panel for that load balancer? –  jlahd Apr 2 at 4:50
@jlahd, I edited my posting to add my listener configuration. Thanks! –  kee Apr 2 at 4:57

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It turned out that it was because I set it up as VPC Load Balancer. In that case I have to access it through a private IP address :)

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