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I have a resharper template like below

new Assembly().$Add$.View();

Add has been marked as Execute Basic Completion macro. Now when I expand the macro I get

new Assembly().Add.View();

with Add highlighted and the autocomplete popup raised. I then select the method I want to expand in here which can be one of a dozen methods starting with Add such as AddLine or AddPointCloud etc. However when I select the method the following happens.

new Assembly().AddLine();.View();

Note that AddLine is a method with a single argument. As well an extra semicolon has been injected into the template breaking the code. The desired finished line would be

new Assembly().AddLine(points).View();

where points is a variable declared previously and I would type it in during template expansion.

My question is, is it at all possible using resharper templates to trigger autocompletes on methods such as above with the method being in the middle of a call chain.

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I changed the template to

new Assembly()

where args is a comma-delimited list of values and it seems to now work

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