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Here's my code

    paths: {
        'knockout': '/Scripts/vendors/knockout/knockout-2.3.0',
        'knockout-validation': '/Scripts/vendors/knockout/knockout.validation',
        'knockout-postbox': '/Scripts/vendors/knockout/knockout-postbox',
        'knockout-mapping': '/Scripts/vendors/knockout/knockout.mapping',
        'jquery': '/Scripts/vendors/jquery/jquery-1.10.2',
        'bootstrap': '/Scripts/vendors/bootstrap/bootstrap'

    shim: {
        'bootstrap': {
            deps: ['jquery'],
            exports: '$'
        'knockout-validation': ['knockout'],
        'knockout-mapping':  ['knockout'],
        'knockout-postbox': ['knockout']
    enforceDefine : true

So when I resize my screen I get the responsive dropdown but its not working properly. I hacked in by inserting the scripts directly to the page.That's how I know why the requirejs is not working.

I tried a bunch of questions on stackoverflow but nothing seems to be working. I'm using Bootstrap 3.0.0

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Okay, it is not working but how is it not working? –  Louis Apr 2 at 10:29
So, when the screen is in mobile mode the dropdown is not working. When I clicked it nothing happened, it should have opened the dropdown down. –  toy Apr 2 at 11:58
Any error messages on the console? –  Louis Apr 2 at 13:35
Not at all. Just the dropdown doesn't side down. –  toy Apr 2 at 14:09
How is your dropdown created: through the data api or through a JavaScript call? And ok you've configured RequireJS so that it can find Bootstrap but what triggers Boostrap's loading? –  Louis Apr 3 at 1:17

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