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I have to write some java code to make a post/get to this website:


In particular I want to get the round trip timetables and prices of the trains. I wrote some java code to do this and looking in the html code I found that the parameters for the query search are :

"departureStation","arrivalStation", "departureDate", "noOfAdults", "returnDate".

But when I try to do the http get it doesnt work.

I also tried to make the same http get to another similar site and with the get request the url becomes something like:


In the last website the parameters are different... stazin, stazout,datam, dataa...

The problem is that I don't understand how I can get the round trip timetables in a single http post or get... and also... can I do similar get/post for the first website I mensioned?

Any suggestion is highly appreciated... I'm completely new in this kind of coding and I'm stuck on this point... thank you so much in advance to anyone who will answer!


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