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I am new to neo4j.

I want to retrieve the auto generated id of the node using a cypher query.

I am using php.

How is it possible? Also,how do I get just the id of the node in a php variable?

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RETURN ID(n) as nodeId

See docs:


I don't know PHP well but assuming you're using neo4jphp I guess the general idea would be something like

$client = new Everyman\Neo4j\Client();
$queryString = "MATCH (n) RETURN ID(n) as nodeId";
$query = new Everyman\Neo4j\Cypher\Query($client, $queryString);
$result = $query->getResultSet();
echo $result[0]['nodeId']

You will want to read up on neo4jphp here, particularly how to use cypher. Or you can use php cURL with Neo4j REST API.

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Thank you:)Can you tell me how do I display that id on the webpage using php? – LearnerFreak Apr 2 '14 at 7:30
Thanks a lot:) that was really helpful. – LearnerFreak Apr 2 '14 at 9:27

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