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Based on my previous question, i think i have to create a daemon that runs in linux system. Now i don't know how to get started, can you help me for this? i'm windows based, i want to create daemon that run witn PHP like described by system_daemon. i have root access of whm, and now what must i do? Please i'am stuck. Thank youu

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What problem are you trying to solve that requires a constantly running script? Normally, if you want something to run at regular intervals then you use a 'cron' job. On windows look at the 'Task scheduler' in the control panel. –  Ryan Vincent Apr 2 at 7:37
i want create a services that insert to a database every x second with irregular times. and the interval will always changing after i insert a new row to database. and it's running a whole day –  dian Apr 2 at 8:28
Looking at your previous question, which i assume, was a 'proof of concept'. I would expect for someone to mention running PHP via the CLI (Command Line Interface') and just running it as a background task. On windows use the run and enter 'cmd' to access the 'command line'. There are various tutorials available about setting it up. There is normally a separate php.ini file and you would need to remove the maximum execution time. You may be able to do this at the script level. use the 'sleep' command to pause the task –  Ryan Vincent Apr 2 at 9:23
Article of using PHP from the 'command line': sitepoint.com/php-command-line-1. Here is a 'so' question about creating a PHP script as a service for later: stackoverflow.com/questions/5952500/… –  Ryan Vincent Apr 2 at 9:30
thank you @RyanVincent for the links, i'll give it a try –  dian Apr 2 at 9:37

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