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On especially Apple Ipad air, or ipad mini (retina) these site goes completely dark gray for approx. 30 seconds, before the site appears.

On PC/Mac or most smartphones, along with android based tablets, the page layout renders nicely.

I've narrowed it down - I hope - to CSS "position" of the wrappers.

If I remove the position: absolute; on #hoejrewrap and #hovedwrap, and position: relative on #indholdsramme, the problem is solved, but introduces overlapping divs on tablet or zooming in/out in all other browsers.

Any clues?


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Post the codes here please. –  Raptor Apr 2 at 8:29
jsfiddle.net/7QW4R/1 - warning: ack-old CMS is used for the site, so the jsfiddle isn't complete. But the HTML and CSS should give you a fair look. –  Trinsan Apr 2 at 8:32
Works fine on ipad peek btw. But not on ipad hardware. –  Trinsan Apr 2 at 8:45

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