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In Leaflet map, I'd expect:

map =;
var latlng1 = L.latLng(-121.99574947357178, 37.33783464876286);
map.setView(latlng1,12, {animate: false});
var latlng2 = map.getCenter();
if (!_.isEqual(latlng1, latlng2)) {
    console.log("latlng2 should be the same as latlng1!", latlng2);

But in fact, when running this code, latlng2 gets assigned with:

-121.99562072753906, 37.33795407160059

Looks like this is a precision issue, because the coordinates are indeed close.

My question: I was hoping to use animation with setView:

map.setView(latlng1,12, {animate: true})

As there's no callback which gets invoked when the animation is complete, I was hoping to use getCenter() and _.isEqual (in the moveend event) to compare the requested and actual coordinates. Since the actual coordinates are not identical, I could write an isCloseEnough() function. Honestly, I feel my approach is off and so am looking for advice from experienced developers.

Is this a reasonable approach or is there a better solution?

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A isCloseEnough is the best option here: the nature of floating point numbers is such that absolute comparisons aren't terribly useful if you do any arithmetic with the numbers in between.

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