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I have no real experience with hardware programming. I would like to know how to find out which registers, i.e their addresses, are used for an ethernet connection to send and receive information in a processer. In particular, for ATMEL's at91sam9g20 processor. I have searched the documentation and I'm not sure of the following of what I've found: -Transmit data: signal name ETX0-ETX3. Receive data: signal name ERX0-ERX3. Also, Offset: 0x18 Receive Buffer Queue Pointer Register and offset: 0x1C Transmit Buffer Queue Pointer Register.

I would appreciate any help as I'm very stuck on this issue. Thank you

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In the procesor documentation you find the following:

  • chapter 8 - general memory mapping - this gives the offset of the EMAC memory block as 0xFFFC:4000
  • chapter 36 - description of the Ethernet MAC subsystem
  • item 36.3.2 - memory interface - tells how the memory buffers for RX and TX is set up
  • item 36.5 - user interface - table 36-6 gives the names and offsets to all registers used by the subsystem

The signals (=pins) and register offsets you describe are correct.

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Thank you for your reply! – Adam Apr 14 '14 at 7:00

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