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I follow M Hartl's "Ruby on Rails Tutorial", Chap 3.2.2

When I add /static_pages/about to routes.rb, even the 'about' action is NOT defined in static_pages_controller.rb, the rspec test passes.

It is driving me crazy!

I am using ruby-2.1.1, rspec-rails 2.14.2, Capybara 2.1.0


require 'spec_helper'
describe "StaticPages" do
  describe "About" do
    it "should have the content 'About'" do
      visit '/static_pages/about'
      expect(page).to have_content('About')


RortSampleApp::Application.routes.draw do
  get "static_pages/about"


class StaticPagesController < ApplicationController

command running the rspec test & result:

$ rspec spec/requests/static_pages_spec.rb 

Finished in 0.02604 seconds
1 example, 0 failures

Randomized with seed 61832

And the test.log:

   (0.1ms)  begin transaction
Started GET "/static_pages/about" for at 2014-04-02 01:59:45 -0700

AbstractController::ActionNotFound - The action 'about' could not be found for       StaticPagesController:
  actionpack (4.0.4) lib/abstract_controller/base.rb:131:in `process'
  actionpack (4.0.4) lib/abstract_controller/rendering.rb:44:in `process'
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In M.Hartl's Ruby on Rails Tutorial book's, 2nd edition's, Gemfile has version 1.1.2 for Capybara. I hope it works better if you change the version of Capybara in your Gemfile.

group :test do
  gem 'capybara', '1.1.2'

Also the rspec-rails gem version was different in the 2nd edition's Gemfile. So if the above change doesn't make it work, then please try the following rspec-rails version: 2.11.0, in addition to the Capybara version change. (I had difficulties with Capybara versions 2.1.0 and 2.2.0)

group :development, :test do
  gem 'rspec-rails', '2.11.0'

Gemfile for tutorial's 2nd edition

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Tried, but it doesn't help either. Same result as before. – user3488516 Apr 2 '14 at 13:56
Sorry, I just realized that I got your test working (I should have made proper check in the first place). But after taking a close look I discovered that I used a different Capybara version to make it work: gem 'capybara', '~> 1.1.2'. I had problem with versions 2.1.0 and 2.2.0. – jyrkim Apr 2 '14 at 18:00
since capybara 1.1.2 not longer available, I use 1.1.4; but not work. Then I change rspec-rails to 2.11.0, still not work. And, I also found a weird issue, after I remove the 'about' action from static_pages_controller.rb, and app/view/static_pages/about.html.erb exist, then I can still visit /static_pages/about from a browser ! I AM USING RUBY 2.1.1, anything wrong ? – user3488516 Apr 2 '14 at 22:22
Yes I had version 1.1.4 installed at the beginning because of using gem 'capybara', '~> 1.1.2'. Ruby version 2.1.0. If those RSpec test don't work out in your computer, then you might be better off trying a new rails project (you can copy your files if you want), and use Test::Unit If you decide to do that leave Capybara and RSpec gems out from your Gemfile, you dont't need those. – jyrkim Apr 3 '14 at 7:07
Btw, are you using Linux, Apple Mac or Windows? -my environment is Linux (Ubuntu) – jyrkim Apr 3 '14 at 7:24

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