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I have a C# desktop app.

It will periodically upload images to my server.

I have found therefore that it needs to be allowed access to the firewall.

When I tested it on my PC I was always prompted with a messagebox 'do you want to allow this program access through firewall'.

That is fine and the user (hopefully will know what to do).

However, there are 2 different scenarios to this for me.

Scenario 1 If the User is already an administrator then I can programm the application to allow the firewall permission using 'NetFwTypeLib' and subsequent code.
If the User (who is installing this app) does NOT have permission I would then get an error stating I do not have permission. Is there a way of establishing via code whether the User has this permission in the 1st place or not? I could then pre-empt the exception.

Scenerio 2 I have found that the messagebox 'do you want to allow this program access through firewall'. does not always pop up. It did this yesterday. I turned the firewall off then on again and then re-run the program. This time the messagebox DID pop up.

So, is there a way of invoking that messagebox via my c# code instead?

Is it my understanding that if the User who is installing has elevalted permissions that they will/should always be prompted with this messagebox and if not then the install will error telling the User they need to be an administrator?

I can post the code that will add the program to the firewall permissions but it has been often repeated here on this site. As my question(s) are slightly different I think I am right in asking this question?

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