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I tried reading file at

'C:\Users..\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache\f_00ae8a'

in bytes[] and then tried to convert to different Encoding formats but output is unreadable definitely because may be all cache files(js,img,css etc..) are together zipped into part files but i have no clue how to begin with. Any idea ?

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Accessing the disk cache seems an unusual goal. Even when documented (as Chrome's appears to be) the disk cache format may change. Note that @AlexK's link includes the statement "A new version of the cache is under development." Maybe if we knew why you wanted to access the disk cache programatically, a better solution could be identified. –  Daniel Renshaw Apr 2 at 10:04
@Danial I want make cache utility tool which can display info about cache items and perform activities like disk usage and cache clearance. –  Vivek Raj Apr 2 at 10:09
@AlexK. anything in c#. –  Vivek Raj Apr 2 at 10:09

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