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I use Google+ SDK to login to app using Google+. If user is redirected to a login page and taps cancel button then below error is thrown.

Error Domain=com.google.GooglePlusPlatform Code=-1 "Unknown error" UserInfo=0xd5e37b0 {NSLocalizedDescription=Unknown error}, 

Code they set in NSError cannot be used to distinguish between events that user canceled login or any other error. Because the same Code is used for other error. Below is an example.

Error Domain=com.google.GooglePlusPlatform Code=-1 "Mismatched authentication" UserInfo=0xd5968e0 {NSLocalizedDescription=Mismatched authentication}, 

And checking error message is not a reliable way.

Then how to check for this?

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Make sure you signout in case of error.

 -(void)finishedWithAuth: (GTMOAuth2Authentication *)auth
                      error: (NSError *) error {

         if (error) {

        // use nslog to get the exact error

       // make sure you do this in case of error, sign out the user.

         [[GPPSignIn sharedInstance] signOut];

       } else {
        GPPSignIn *signIn = [GPPSignIn sharedInstance];
        NSLog(@"User ID:%@", signIn.userID);
        NSLog(@"User Email:%@", signIn.userEmail);


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