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i need to write a indoor navigation project for ios, i need to use a
custom map for a mall building, so i searched the web, and found
MapBox was a good choice for my purpose.

I'm new to MapBox, so i have some questions regarding the SDK.

  1. Do i must have a free account in order to use the SDK?

  2. Do i have to use a Map ID in order to use the RMMapboxSource?

  3. Does the SDK has any limitations to use, for example, maximum tiles, maximum layers?

  4. I found that the SDK is using CLLocationCoordinate2D coordinates for the
    map, because i use the custom map(expressed in plain (x,y) coordinate) for
    indoor purpose, how to convert the CLLocationCoordinate2D coordinates to
    the plain (x,y) coordinate?

Could anyone out there helping me?

sorry for my bad english if i'm not clearly expressed myself?

and Thanks in advance.

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You don't need to be a Mapbox customer (free or paid) to use the SDK. It's open source (BSD license).

To use the RMMapboxSource, yes, it's meant for mapID/hosted Mapbox maps. Check out RMGenericMapSource for a model for self-hosted or other tiles.

The SDK doesn't have any limitations other than what's performant in your use case.

For indoor coordinates, you should either convert to real CLLocationCoordinate2D at high precision or consider building your own solution using the SDK as a model, with UIScrollView and CATiledLayer as it does in order to not necessarily have a real geographic basis for your coordinate system.

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Thanks a lot for your answer, And if i want to use the RMMapboxSource, Do i have to send my custom indoor map to MapBox? –  Huang_Hai_Feng Apr 3 '14 at 2:22

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