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I'm unable to clone any git repository under Windows as always the same error occurs:

git.libav.org[0:]: errno=No such file or directory

Doesn't matter if I'm using git bash or TortoiseGit and occurs on every repository (tried many others...)

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What is the exact command that you are running? –  adrianbanks Apr 2 at 11:13
@adrianbanks Using TortoiseGit or gitgui, I simply enter the repository clone uri, e.g. git://git.libav.org/libav.git. Using git bash, the commands I tried were git clone git://git.libav.org/libav.git libav and git clone ssh://git.libav.org/libav.git libav –  Acrotygma Apr 2 at 12:17
git://git.libav.org/libav.git libav worked fine for me. Do you have any ports blocked that would prevent git from connecting? –  adrianbanks Apr 2 at 14:40

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