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How do I add a --version option to my Ruby Thor command line interface application.

For example I want to be able to run

$ thor_app --version
> thor_app version 1.0.0

This question is related to Run a CLI Thor app without arguments or task name, but specifically to add a --version option which does not require a task.

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So far the best option I have come up with is to create a boolean class option, which does not belong to a task, which can be referenced by other tasks. The often used example for a class option is -v verbose, as all tasks can use this to determine how noisy they should be.

Then create a 'version' task and make it the default task, so when no task is defined the version task is ran and can react to the --version flag (class option).

class CLI < Thor
  #include Thor::Actions
  class_option :version, :type => :boolean

  desc "version", "Show thor_app version"
  def version
    if options[:version]
      puts "thor_app version #{find_version}"
  default_task :version

  no_tasks do
    def find_version
      ## Method can be replaced to look up VERSION
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