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I have a question for inject. I am still new to Ruby and for some reason .inject seems to cause the most confusion.

I am trying to iterate through pieces of my yml file, depending on what key it finds, add 50 or 100 to the total count.

My YML structure example:





So I want to iterate through my_symbol and then inject 50 if symbol1, inject 100 if symbol2

My code looks like this:

def my_method
  if @data.has_key? my_symbol                  <- @data is how I check my yml file
    [:my_symbol].inject (0) do |symbol|
      if symbol.match /symbol1/
       count += 50
      elsif symbol.match /symbol2/
      count += 100

I get the error:

can't convert Symbol into Integer (TypeError)
      ./pages/mysymbol.rb:42:in `[]'

And I also saw:

undefined method: match

Sorry if this at all in the wrong format but I am brand new to SO.


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