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I want to know what is the value of the 2nd index of my array.

I have something like this:

$a[][1]= 10;
$a[][0]= 20;
$a[][1]= 12;
$a[][0]= 25;

I want to get only the values from $a wich 2nd index is 1.

I need to do a comparison and if the answer is correct, get the value

From this example, elements will be:


I know about array_key_exists but i dont know how to use it with Multidimensional arrays.

Any help?


Solution I was looking for.

$a = array();

$a[][1] = b1;
$a[][0] = b2;
$a[][0] = c1;
$a[][1] = c2;

foreach ($a AS $key => $aVal ) 
  if (array_key_exists(1,$aVal)) 
    echo $a[$key][1] . "<br>";
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Have you tried isset($a[$specified_index])?

Here is some code:

foreach ( $a AS $key => $aVal ) {
    if ( array_key_exists(1,$aVal) ) {
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Results are Ok. Edited my question. –  Jorge Baumann Apr 2 at 12:00
foreach($a as $key => $value)
        if($value[1] == 1)
           echo "value is 1";
           echo "value is not 1 but is ".$value[1];

thx to @Havelock

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In the second iteration there'll be a "PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 1 ...." ;-) –  Havelock Apr 2 at 11:43
Im not sure if it is what i am looking for. I have a 2 columns array. Or i am confused. –  Jorge Baumann Apr 2 at 11:44
@Baumannzone, $value is the array from the second dimension. The problem with the above code snippet is, that you don't always set the index 1... –  Havelock Apr 2 at 11:45
It dont work for me. I think you didnt get my problem. However, i think @blue got this. –  Jorge Baumann Apr 2 at 11:57
Well, now I believe there are 2 posibles solutions. It's Ok now. –  Jorge Baumann Apr 2 at 12:06

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