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I have a collections of models, these models have their own child collections and models. This is all working fine with the help of backbone-relational.

Now my problem is that I want this to work offline. You should be able to download a model to the cache/storage and it should sync it back to the server when hitting a upload button.

When syncing it should only send the changed attributes.

Backbone's model.changedAttributes() does only persist the values until the next change event, and that is basically useless for me.

How would I manage to do this in a good way? I want to store the cache in localStorage. I'm aware that are exists some plugins for this, including Backbone.localStorage and Backbone.dualStorage. But how could these presist the historicallyChangedAttributes that I want?

I've come to conclude that the best way around this would be to:

  • Configure fetch, sync to use localStorage
  • Modify model.set to update a _historicallyChangedAttributes object on my model.
  • Modify .toJSON to include a _historicallyChangedAttributes key.
  • Modify .parse to parse the _historicallyChangedAttributes key.
  • Making .sync only send the change attributes.

In what ways can this be achieved and are there any plugins that will make things easier?

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