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I'm writing a Visual Studio Wizard Template using c# on visual studio 2012.

I followed the MSDN steps: I created a VS template, then I created a Class Library project with a class which implements the IWizard interface, I configured the .vstemplate file and etc...

Now, my target is to write in the RunStarted function code, which does the following:

On the project creation, it copies another existing solution directory from another location to the new project selected location, and then, instead of creating the new project in a new solution, the new project will be added to the copied solution, in a specific "apps" folder, and no new solution will be created.

In the RunStarted method I wrote a simple CopyDirectory code which copies the wanted solution to the $SolutionDirectory$ which I extracted from the ReplacementsDictionary parameter. But now, I don't success to continue and change the new project configuration though it will be generated as a project of the copied solution.

Do you have any idea about this issue? Thanks!!

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You have 2 options:

  1. If you have the DTE \ Solution2 object of the solution, you can use the AddFromFile() method or directly add the project from the template by using AddFromTemplate() method.

    The current DTE object can be obtained by the GetService() method:

    // Get an instance of the currently running Visual Studio IDE

    DTE dte = (DTE)GetService(typeof(DTE));

  2. If you can't get the solution as DTE object, you can edit the .sln file by using XML editing (look in existing .sln file how the projects added).

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Hi, I got into a problem: I used your solution on VS 2012 and everything worked well, but now I have to get it working also on VS 2010. I read in the MSDN that Project Template is not available in C++ 2010, and that I can use only the .vsz templates, which behave totally different: it uses JavaScript code. in 2012 I had a .vstemplate template, and a classLibrary.dll which implements IWizard. Do you know what can I do in order to have the closest solution on 2010? –  user1835297 Apr 9 '14 at 12:03
Why do you not use .vsz template for both- 2010 and 2012 templates? It can prevent double code. The only change between .vsz template of 2010 to the one of 2012 is in the line Wizard=VsWizard.VsWizardEngine.11.0 in VS2012 compared to Wizard=VsWizard.VsWizardEngine.10.0 in VS2010. –  user3114639 Apr 9 '14 at 13:43
Because I wanted to write the code behind the template in c# using DTE, and the code behind the .vsz template is in Java Script. –  user1835297 Apr 10 '14 at 8:35

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