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I am able to execute selenium cucumber tests using command line like

mvn clean test -DCucumber.options"--tags=@Addversion,~@Import"

am excluding @Import tag. But it is executing both the features.

I implemented my test class like this

@Cucumber.Options(features = "src/test/resources/featureFiles",//path to the features
format ={"json:target/integration_cucumber.json"}//what formatters to use
public class RunCucumberTest {

src/test/resources/featureFiles is my feature file location.

In this location I added two feature files using @Addversion and @Import

If I include tags option in my test class I am able to exclude(like ~@Import) particular feature file using eclipse.

But am not able to exclude particular feature file using command line.

Can any one give me any suggestions about this.

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I resolved my problem to run feature file by excluding some of the tags

I changed my test class

public class RunCucumberTest {

And in command line argument specified feature files as option-less arguments like

mvn install -Dcucumber.options="src/test/resources/featureFiles --tags @Addversion,@~Import"
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