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I have created a fixed positioned header containing a logo and a navigation bar. When you scroll down the header should stay at the top of the screen.

In Firefox this works perfectly. Although in Chrome it behaves strangely, disappears and then appears again. I thought this could be a z-index issue but have not been able to resolve it.

I'm also not to sure as to which snippets of code I should show you guys as I have NO idea what is causing this! Some help / advice would be greatly appreciated!

Link to the test site here HERE

I'm using Version 33.0.1750.154 of Chrome and I'm testing on desktop platform.

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What version of Chrome? Also desktop, mobile or both? –  Brandon.Staley Apr 2 at 12:05
there is no link 'HERE' –  Anubhav Apr 2 at 12:06
can you pls give link here –  Hashir Azad Apr 2 at 12:07
Version 33.0.1750.154 m on desktop. –  MrFrench Apr 2 at 12:07
Apologies, link added. –  MrFrench Apr 2 at 12:07

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Remove the position: relative; on #page-content and it will work.

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Thank you. What caused the relative positioning of the container to do this? –  MrFrench Apr 2 at 12:14
A relative position makes absolute and fixed elements within this relative element dependent in it instead of the document. –  KittMedia Apr 2 at 12:16

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