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With default methods now added to Java 8, is there any way to create a default constructor?

I've tried:

public interface KadContent<T>
    public default KadContent()


Getting the error <identifier> expected from Netbeans

Why Needed? I'm using Gson to serialize the objects and getting the "unable to invoke no-args constructor .." error and I do know that I can resolve this problem using Gson's InstanceCreator. But is there a way to create a default Constructor?


I've found the problem with my own code. I was using

gson.fromJson(new String(data), InterfaceName.class);

instead of

gson.fromJson(new String(data), ClassName.class);

So even though the subclass had default constructors, the deserialization code was incorrect. But the question of default constructor still stands.

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Interfaces shouldn't have Constructor. They are not part of the object creation. They are supposed to keep the contract between two parties. –  Abimaran Kugathasan Apr 2 at 12:07
What would a default constructor even mean? What would it create an instance of? –  Jon Skeet Apr 2 at 12:08
Well Gson requires it, that's all the need I have for it. –  Joshua Kissoon Apr 2 at 12:09
That does not make sense. I assume you'll need to pass a concrete class to the InstanceCreator instead of the interface –  Lance Java Apr 2 at 12:09
I'm actually trying to write a default method in the interface to handle serialization/deserialization, or should I look at using an abstract class instead for this? –  Joshua Kissoon Apr 2 at 12:10

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No, this is not possible.

  1. It does not make sense in an interface
  2. If you implement an interface, the class has already a default constructor (the one without arguments)

You may want to use an abstract class if you want implementations have a "default constructor".

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It does not make sense to provide an Constructor in an Interface.

Check if it makes sense for you to provide a default initialize() method instead.

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You need to add the default constructor to the class you want to serialize.

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I did that but still getting the error, guess I have to move the serialization code to the class rather than the interface –  Joshua Kissoon Apr 2 at 12:11
depends, if it as an custom serialisation, then the interface could define methos as writeObjectData(DataOutputStream dos) and readObjectData() –  AlexWien Apr 2 at 12:12
Did you remember to make the noArg constructor in your class public? –  MTilsted Apr 2 at 12:16

Constructors are when the objects come into picture and the fact that a object for an interface cannot be constructed is SOUND, be it Java, C# or Java8

So... if you have any functionality that you would want to define by default in the interface level, Java8 introduces the concept of Default Methods.

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