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I have 2 tables say A and B. I need to updated state column in A based on city in B. B has got actual lookup data

A and B has another column City. City in A is kind of junk data like Atlanta,Atlanta Georgia,Atlanta-Georgia,Atlanta,Georgia etc City in B is just Atlanta. I need to compare both the cities and update state in A


The above select select most of them but not some of them. Can someone help me out please.


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Is case sensitivity enabled? Perhaps both cities need to be uppered or lowered. and perhaps a trim needs to occur on A.City. –  xQbert Apr 2 at 12:23
What are the specific values that it is not capturing? –  Joe Apr 2 at 12:23

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Can you please list some examples that are left out from above SQL. Thanks. Secondly, try soundex function. See if that works.

Cheers V

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