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I'm looking for good WYSIWYG editor, which can handle image and file uploads as well as some basic markup. I tried CKEditor - it looks alright but it's quite heavy, nicEditor - lightweight, fast, has decent image uploading but has no filemanager. What would you recommend? Thanks.

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We'll CKEditor and TinyMCE are I believe the leading online richtext editors.

If you don't have to limit yourself to web apps you should check out Windows Live Writer. If you have OSX you should look into iWeb as its the easiest and most intuitive WYSIWYG html editor that I find most enjoyable to use.

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Another good one would be Froala Editor. It has image upload and resize that works even on mobile devices.

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We use TinyMCE. It has plenty of plugins which can solve pretty much every need.

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I like the telerik editor. It's not cheap, but it is very nice.

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