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is there a way to detect colors by Selenium (priority to phpunit selenium).

I have banners in the site and some of them doesn't reloaded, it strange I have their element but all I see on the screen is only a white color. I want use selenium to check when find if it happens again. if there are banner with a white color.

is there a chance it possible?

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You can get the CSS property of any web element. By there you can get the color of the web element(here banner) – Manigandan Apr 2 '14 at 12:46

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You can take the screenshot and try the following.

    $image = new Imagick('testimage.jpg'); 
    $x = 1;  
    $y = 1; 
    $pixel = $image->getImagePixelColor($x, $y); 

You can also check this Libraryphp docs for other options.

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This task can be done using java.awt.Robot | I haven't tried any for PHP

Robot r = new Robot();
r.getPixelColor(923, 87); 
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