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The story is the following:

  1. An application is supplied by 2 not embedded resource files (resource.resx, resource.user.resx)
  2. The "Resource.resx" has two strings: Type "Möbel", Name "Stuhl"
  3. The "Resource.user.resx" has string: Name "Sessel"

the application has the following line

 Console.WriteLine("{0}: {1}", Resource.Type, Resource.Name)

The result should look like:

Möbel: Sessel

in common case the "Resource.resx" can be supplied by dosens of strings. What I want to archieve is that each Resource.ResourceStingId istruction implements the following logic:

Return value of ResourceStingId from "Resource.user.resx" if exists, if not the value of ResourceStingId from "Resource.resx"

Appreciated solution is an automated one.


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Basically you would have to encapsulate access to both resources files in a class that will deal with your priority rule. –  Crono Apr 2 at 13:00

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I have came to a conclusion that resource files are not the entities designed for such a trick. Investigating the problem found some iteresting topic about customization of ResXFileCodeGenerator ( http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/27473/Enhanced-Resource-File-Code-Generator-Type-safe-Fo ), but did not started digged at that direction because decided that the investments ill take more than a benefit.

Have also wrote a dummy method that merges the files accordantely defined rule.

private static void MergeResource()
        var userDocument = XDocument.Load(@"resource.user.resx");
        var userData = userDocument.Root.Elements().Where(e => e.Name == "data");

        var originalDocument = XDocument.Load(@"resource.resx");
        var origData = originalDocument.Root.Elements().Where(e => e.Name == "data");
        var notMatchedData = origData.Where(oe => userData.All(ue => ue.Attribute("name").Value != oe.Attribute("name").Value));

        foreach (var data in notMatchedData)

        userDocument.Save("Resource.resx", SaveOptions.None);
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