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I have aws bucket set up in the Oregon region. I also have a domain tied to this bucket so I do not have to enter in the long aws path. I would like to push builds from travis to the s3 bucket. But i get this error

The bucket you are attempting to access must be addressed using the specified endpoint

Now I did some research and it seems if the bucket was US Region instead then I would be able to use the domain bucket name. I tried to use the long path to access the site but that also doesnt seem to work anymore. I get an xml file instead.

If there way around this so I do not have to recreate the bucket in US Region? And if that does resolve the issue, why? Why do the buckets behave differently?


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Could you please give a link of or add your .travis.yml to this? It makes it a lot easier for us to see what you are doing. :) – joshua-anderson Apr 3 '14 at 4:56
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Yes, you can set the region of the s3 endpoint easily: Here is your build tweaked to set a s3 region and endpoint:

    provider: s3
    edge: true
    bucket: ""
    endpoint: ""
    region: "us-west-2"
    upload-dir: "booty-grid"
    skip_cleanup: true
        secure: zDiuEZgn1THVJyvqE4FcKXPXY/Aozy2gm1gHDkHCooVoZuRtU31tz1N6zWp3yVJ3JZFk4zDO7zyWGjtAba5ydh8FNOl+F/L0RVpYfiSpoiJA7PZlXAw1WKPiyY21luCctZeJc/eZry8ZseM190Q+UzbiqLLjtteO1CHeZo3XptM=
        secure: yj/T/lSSr1MMyUZMiS2IGqvFG78ExJQi06wxa5+7M2Rfz1G5LaiVH+9mqcE5qVmu1q54/CmwT1OUNdeXy/SUOwre4L7ZshS9LfK/7BcATMjIvCSysNT3AEOIx63NtRWabzQMiQu25h5owVbvwTBMN6N6+C/g5yq46XQsvoy6xz8=
    local-dir: public
        branch: master
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Thanks for this. Where did you find the additional tag information out? It is not stated anywhere on S3 deployment page. . Also, why do you have to add this additional property information in when the region is not US Standard. Thanks – skinnybrit51 Apr 4 '14 at 11:44
I'm the person who programmed the s3 uploader. :) There's no documentation because this is a new feature that hasn't be released yet. edge: true downloads the beta version of s3 uploader. I'll write up about this soon. – joshua-anderson Apr 4 '14 at 13:13
You have to add endpoint because s3 websites have to be accessed from a different endpoint than the normal s3 one. S3 can normally find the region the bucket is in automatically, but with a custom endpoint from the s3 website, no autodetection is performed, so you have to explicitly set the region. – joshua-anderson Apr 4 '14 at 13:18

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