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I am trying to create a cross-platform application (Windows Phone 8, Android and iOS) using Xamarin and MvvmCross. I have this simple view that has to display a list of items, each item having its own ViewModel (the ViewModel of my view has a list of ViewModels, one for each item). So far, so good, it looks quite good.

It becomes a bit more complicated now that I want to have sections with headers in this list: Windows Phone 8, Android and iOS each have their own way of creating these headers. Windows Phone groups the different items, Android (well at least the solution I want to use) uses an Adapter to sort out which layout to use depending on the object type, and iOS uses a dictionary of items.

What kind of architecture should I have for the ViewModel of my view? What is the easiest way of doing this?

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The conference sample is one app that does this - it does some fairly hard-to-read Linq which presents sessions grouped by speaker, time, room, etc. These are then presented in the UIs using section headers - e.g. in Droid the grouped list is flattened - see github.com/MvvmCross/MvvmCross-Tutorials/blob/master/… - will try to write a full answer on this "soon" –  Stuart Apr 2 '14 at 21:56

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