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I received the following IQ in - (BOOL)xmppStream:(XMPPStream *)sender didReceiveIQ:(XMPPIQ *)iq

<iq xmlns='jabber:client'
<question id='56'
          text='Favorite Food'>
<option id='1'>
<option id='2'>
<option id='3'>
<question id='57'
<option id='4'>
<option id='5'>
<option id='6'>
<question id='58'
          text='Movies/TV Shows'/>

and I want to retrieve the questions and their options from the above IQ in iOS. I tried the below code but it only give me the questions and I'm unable to retrieve their options. Please help.

NSXMLElement *Questions = [iq elementForName:@"questions"];
            NSArray *questions = [Questions elementsForName: @"question"];

            NSLog(@"Questions in IQ %@ are: %@", [iq attributeStringValueForName:@"questions"], questions);
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  1. You custom XML is not well-formed, questions should be bound to some namespace, e.g. <questions xmlns="my:questions:namespace">... </questions> all child elements will be treated as elements from my:questions:namespace and XML will be well-formed.

  2. You confused with elements and attributes, question is a child element of questions, but text is an attribute of question and "Favorite food" is the string value of text attribute of the question element with id=56. And option is a child element of question. So, to enumerate questions and answers, try:

    NSXMLElement *questions = [iq elementForName:@"questions"]; NSArray *questionsArray = [questions elementsForName: @"question"]; for (id question in questionsArray) { NSLog(@"Question '%@':", [question attributeStringValueForName:@"text"]); for (id option in [question elementsForName:@"option"]) { NSLog(@"option: %@", [option stringValue]) } }

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great, I'm receiving the IQ in "didReceiveIQ" and I want to show these questions in the view controller other than app delegate. Is this possible to perform the above functionality of retrieving question and options in another view controller? If yes, than could you please suggest me a solution. –  Mughees Musaddiq Apr 3 at 9:21
didReceiveIQ is method of the XMPPStreamDelegate protocol, implement it in your view controller and add that controller to XMPPStream delegates list with [xmppStream addDelegate:...]. –  vitalyster Apr 3 at 9:45
In case of XMPPIQ packet - the only single delegate should process response and return YES if packet was handled, or NO if other delegates should process it. So you should process your questions response in a single delegate, save in your own structure and pass to view controller if needed –  vitalyster Apr 3 at 10:40
Yes, you are right. Also you can store them in Core Data and fetch from your view controller, etc. –  vitalyster Apr 3 at 10:53
for (id question in questionArray) {NSLog(@"%@", [question attributeStringValueForName:@"id"])} –  vitalyster Apr 8 at 14:43

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