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Why does the below output 5 instead of 25?

public class test{

    public test()
        int i =0;
        int j =0;
        int u = 0;

        for (; i<=4; i++)
            for (; j<=4; j++)



    public static void main(String[] args)
        test t = new test();        
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What diagnostic approaches did you try? Did you step through the code? Add logging? –  Jon Skeet Apr 2 at 13:20

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because j is never reset back to 0.

the 1st inner loop iteration runs j from 0 to 4 (incrementing u 5 times in total making it 5) and then never runs again as j remains at 4 - so the rest of the outer loop iterations (i=1 to i=4) do nothing.

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OMG!! Thanks. Didn't notice. –  yomexzo Apr 2 at 13:19

Because first time after j became 4 that for loop never execute again...

If you want to get 25, set j=0 inside before starting inner loop or initialize j to 0 in inner loop initialization..

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