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Im recently implemented angular-strap and Im using its multiple select. It works fine but now i want to have one option that says "All" and if clicked it will remove all other previous selected options..

Cant figure out how to do it as all i have to play with is the list of selected items.. There is no single last selected which would be useful. How could i solve this? Tryed to play with watch and a onChange.

Looks something like this:


<button type="button" class="btn btn-default" placeholder="Filtrera på kategori" ng-model="selectedCategories"         data-html="1" data-multiple="1" max-length="6" data-animation="am-flip-x" ng-options="category.Id as category.Name for  category in categories" bs-select>
   Action <span class="caret"></span>

JS controller

orderContrl.controller('addProductInternalController', ['$scope', '$modalInstance', 'productItemCategories',
    function ($scope, $modalInstance, productItemCategories) {
        $scope.selectedCategories = [productItemCategories[0].Id];
        $scope.categories = productItemCategories;

        function init() {


        $scope.$watch("selectedCategories", function (newValue, oldValue) {

        $scope.changeSelectedCategories = function (selectedCategories) {
            if (selectedCategories.length > 1 && selectedCategories[0] == -1)
            //else {
            //    angular.forEach(selectedCategories, function (item) {
            //        if (item == -1)
            //            saveProductToOrder(item);
            //    });
            if (selectedCategories.length > 1 && selectedCategories[0] == -1)

        // Closes modal and sets chosen treeview value
        $scope.ok = function () {

        // Closes modal and cancels
        $scope.cancel = function () {

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